Grit Mental Health Billing Services is dedicated to delivering personalized assistance to all of our medical Health specialist clients , enabling you to receive 100% of the money you owe. Our billing professionals team handle all aspects of the insurance claims successfully, reducing receivable balances over ninety (90) days.

Making Health Practitioner's Billing System Effective

Daily Posting of EOBs

Insurance payments and insurance contract adjustments are accurately and promptly posted to the patient ledgers – within 24 hours of your office scanning the EOB. a,A billing manager, from Grit will contact your office manager daily via email or telephone to resolve any issues.


Appealing Denied Claims

In case of claim denial, Grit will instantly investigate the cause for denial and appeal the claim. We are really quick to respond back to collect the outstanding balances as soon as possible.


Verification of Procedures Unattached to Insurance

Many cases not connected with insurance claims are batched regularly. We keep an account on it as well to maintain smooth records.


Get Daily and Monthly Accountability Reports

Your management staff will receive daily and monthly reports with a summary of our insurance collection efforts and any issues we have discovered that will slow down our efficiency collection


Primary and Secondary Claims are Submitted Daily

Both primary and secondary insurance billing claims are submitted electronically. When required, pre-authorizations will be submitted to insurance providers. We work with the existing method of electronic claims you are using. If you are already sending paper claims, we will facilitate you at no extra cost to setting up online claims for you.


Electronic Attachments Used When Available

On All Claims, Electronic attachements are sent, when available.   If electronic attachments are not accepted by an insurance provider, we send a paper attachment via the mail.


Compilation of Incomplete Patient Information

The patient's records are often incomplete, which may lead to dismissal of the claims. Your Grit Support Manager will contact you   for missing information – to complete the patient file – to make sure the invoice is made as fast as possible. In your daily email summary, we will note those mistakes and help you fix your insurance claim issues.


A Detailed Work Log Regarding Accounts Receivable

We believe in transparency. Grit Managers follow up upon all overdue insurance balances on a weekly basis that are thirty ( 30 ) days old or older. We update you with email summary on how many of these types of claims were worked on.


Features don't grow businesses
Solutions do!

We Track & Update your Claims

Fast track payment solution, Directly to your bank account or at your office.

Innovation to Billing System

We give you the power t bill your mental health patients more efficiently.

Telehealth Billing

Telehealth Billing made easy with Grit Health Solution's fast rack service.

Instant Appeal System

We instantly appeal to any refused claims and close of the successful claims.

Email Reports

Stay Updated with our Email reports straight to you on regular basis.

Timely Collection of Details

We collect all the missing information of your patients to fill in the remained block of details.

Giving Financial Management Solutions to Medical Practitioners To Scale Up there Mental Health Consultations!

Excellent Track Records

You will significantly grow your businesses, Once you are able to track the finances right way. We are just the experts you need for that. To make you a growing Medical Practitioner, We will provide you with professional medical health billing solutions.

Number of first-pass claims substantially higher

Grit Healthcare billing has great first-pass claim rate. Through our billing system, you can recover the owed money more easily than ever before.

Patient Security

We comply to all HIPAA privacy and safety standards; confidential information about your patient is never at risk of being breached.

Quick Response

Our Billing Specialists handle all claims quickly and accurately.

Easy Billing System with Professional Support

For customer support our billing managers are always readily available to our customers.

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