Smart Revenue Management
For Medical Practitioners
That Makes It Easy

Our skilled team is well-equipped to meet the needs of any medical practice, and we enjoy rising to the occasion to help you devise solutions to improve your systems.

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At Grit Health Care Solutions we're all about you, so you can be about your business

Client-Centered Approach

Grit Health Care Solutions is all about taking off your hustle and empowering you to do more for your patients.

True Wealth Management

Relax from your Headaches of billing load from mental health insurance. Watch your Business grow with some Professional help!

Easy & Efficient Process

You concentrate on keeping your clients happy and we will ensure smooth billing process to make it easy, fast and more efficient.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

We are your expert financial planners. We will make your billing plan much easier and simplify it for you. Time is money, so let's make it count.

Active Reports

Get a cross check on your business accounts with daily, weekly and monthly reports available for our clients.

Follow up with the insurers

We will deal with all insurance providers and keep an account on denied claims to deal with them.

Outstanding, Experienced Team

Grit Health Care is a team of experienced professionals, helping out Mental Health practitioners with top-notch service quality.


Mental Health Billing Becomes Easier, When Grit Healthcare is your Service provider.

Grit is a leading healthcare technology company offering services to help healthcare organizations reduce their costs and improve health outcomes. We strive to solve healthcare complexities, deliver high-quality outcomes, and propel the healthcare system into a new age of progress, integrity, and change.


Features don't grow businesses
Solutions do!

We Track & Update your Claims

Fast track payment solution, Directly to your bank account or at your office.

Innovation to Billing System

We give you the power t bill your mental health patients more efficiently.

Telehealth Billing

Telehealth Billing made easy with Grit Health Solution's fast rack service.

Instant Appeal System

We instantly appeal to any refused claims and close of the successful claims.

Email Reports

Stay Updated with our Email reports straight to you on regular basis.

Timely Collection of Details

We collect all the missing information of your patients to fill in the remained block of details.


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5 tips for Behavioral and Mental health billing

5 tips for Behavioral and Mental health billing

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What is Telehealthcare?

What is Telehealthcare?

Telemedicine and telehealth represent the exchange of medical information amongst diverse sites. Telemedicine, as well as telehealth, can be defined as the transmission of medical information like images, video consultation, patient portals, remotely controlling and monitoring of vital signs, using patient-centric applications, nursing call centers, and numerous other functions. Telehealth is a collection of means […]

Revenue cycle in the healthcare sector

Revenue cycle in the healthcare sector

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