Grit Healthcare Solutions is pleased to share our collaborations with past clients and looks forward to helping new healthcare organizations devise and implement solutions.


Revolutionizing Mental Health Billing Services

At Grit Healthcare Solutions, LLC we are committed to a range of services for practices that are independent, hospital-owned, academic, or integrated. We believe that revenue management for medical practices alleviates the burden of financial responsibility that often afflict healthcare, allowing healthcare providers to focus on the most important aspect of their industry: caring for others.

Reduce your daily insurance billing time to less than five minutes a day. A cost effective solution to all your insurance claims and financial accounting!

We aim to Cut your Expenses and Help you Make More in Revenues!

Grit Health Care was found with a mission to help and support Medical Practitioners achieve their full potential. We believe that scalability is important to your business, We make it more scale able with  proper resources and industry knowledge.

Grit Health Care Solutions is on a mission to expand industry of mental health care. We understand you are worth more then the hustle taking tasks of billing. We can take care of billing, while you focus on your patient's health.

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Giving Financial Management Solutions to Medical Practitioners To Scale Up there Mental Health Consultations!

Excellent Track Records

You will significantly grow your businesses, Once you are able to track the finances right way. We are just the experts you need for that. To make you a growing Medical Practitioner, We will provide you with professional medical health billing solutions.

Number of first-pass claims substantially higher

Grit Healthcare billing has great first-pass claim rate. Through our billing system, you can recover the owed money more easily than ever before.

Patient Security

We comply to all HIPAA privacy and safety standards; confidential information about your patient is never at risk of being breached.

Quick Response

Our Billing Specialists handle all claims quickly and accurately.

Easy Billing System with Professional Support

For customer support our billing managers are always readily available to our customers.

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